In this episode, we sit down with Ian Ross and Rob Evans ofwww.rochaart.com. Ian is a massively talented painter who has been making a living as a fine artist his whole life. He was an artist in residence at Facebook before leaving to found the Rocha Art Gallery with Rob. Rob left a stable and lucrative job with Apple in order to pursue this entrepreneurial venture with Ian. We appreciate the candor and authenticity with which he described this transition in the interview. These two were very generous in sharing their time and experience. We hope there is something for you in this conversation. 

Here's a link to the podcast on Soundcloud:

Here's a drone photo of the Rocha Art Gallery that Rob, Ian and Danielle co-own. The murals are amazing.

This video from the Kaboo Art + Music Festival opens with a shot of Ian's sand art and features several shots of his murals on the main stage of the event.