Welcome back to the VOC CAST, where we are building a library of conversations with people who LOVE THEIR JOBS. These chats serve up insights and experiences from entrepreneurs, creatives, engineers, artists and professionals who demonstrate mastery in their respective fields. We create and share these conversations in the hope that you might hear something you can use on your own journey towards vocation.

Today's guest, Matthew Carlson is a TV Writer, TV Show Creator, Show Runner and Executive Producer who has been making TV shows in Hollywood for over 25 years. He's been nominated for multiple Emmy awards. Most notably, he and his team were nominated for their work on The Wonder Years, which was one of my favorite TV shows as a kid.

It's easy to forget, when we are being entertained by TV shows and movies, that someone had to sit down with a blank page and create those characters, events and moments that end up on the screen making us laugh, cry or feel genuine suspense. In this episode, Matthew tells some fun stories from his journey and reflects on his creative process.

We hope you find something in this episode that you can put to use in your own life. Thanks for listening.

Here's a link to the episode on SoundCloud:

PS - Matthew looks a little scary in this photo. Truth be told, we haven't seen this side of him yet. He's proof that good guys can finish first, even in the shark tank that is Hollywood. But he definitely is bald. So that part is spot on. Anyway, enjoy the episode!