Welcome to episode 8 of the VOC CAST - where we sit down and talk with people who love their jobs for the benefit of those looking for a job they can love.

Today’s guest is Abe Kislevitz. While still a college student, Abe went skiing with his friends up at Mammoth. They made a ski video with a GoPro camera. Abe posted his video edit on YouTube. A few weeks later, Abe got an email from GoPro CEO Nick Woodman offering him a job as employee number 31 at what is, today, a publicly-traded billion dollar company with deep roots in the action sports world.

As a Creative Director at GoPro Abe gets paid to fly all over the world to surf, ski and ride with some of the world’s greatest athletes. Then he comes back to San Diego and edits promotional videos for GoPro's marketing department.

Abe's story isn’t about networking or forcing something to happen. It is about attracting opportunity by simply doing and enjoying the things he’s already passionate about - mainly snow sports, photography and making movies.

Abe’s message is about focusing on your craft, making great work and letting things happen from there.